1 Edimax 7438RPn / Medion P85250 (MD 86464)

This page contains my findings about the little wlan repeater / access point / wifi bridge-client thing.
The difference between the two systems seems to be that the Medion has a little switch to select AP/Repeater/Client Mode.
Last changes on 2012-04-21.



Edimax (Germany):

Extracted from bought unit:

Medion P85250 FW v1.00:

1.2 Know Users

1.3 Secret ASP Pages

There are secret asp pages (see source), one is: syscmd.asp

1.4 Flash

2 MiB flash:

mtd0: offset 0x00000, 2097152 bytes

  1. 0x00000: boot loader ?
  2. 0x06000: ?
  3. 0x08000: environment?
  4. 0x10000: initrd/kernel
  5. 0xb0000: squash filesystem (begin mtd1)

mtd1: offset 0xb0000, 1376256 bytes

1.5 Update File

partial flash image

  1. 0x00000: initrd/kernel
  2. 0xa0000: squash filesystem
  3. padding (how much?)
  4. 0x??000: some 2 byte checksum? created by cvimg?